Everyone loves the iPhone, but some have a little trouble adapting to typing on a touch screen. After a lifetime of using keys, its hard to operate without tactile feedback. I have trouble punching just one at a time. My Touch Keys to the rescue! It's a plastic shield that attaches to the front of your iPhone with holes where the keyboard buttons are to give you the feel of where each key is. It doesn't attach permanently, but clings to the glass by my_touch_keys_1.jpgstatic. It won't scratch your touch screen, and won't leave residue. There's also an adhesive version, if that's what you prefer. And it's transparent! If you turn your iPhone sideways to watch a movie, you can see it right through the My Touch Keys. In fact, it's hard to tell the cover is there at all, but you can feel where the keys are. Whether you tend to hit more than one key at a time, or just hesitate because you feel like you might, this will give you the extra tactile feedback you need.

See how it looks on an iPhone in this video. My Touch Keys is (are?) $7.99 plus shipping. There's a buy one, get one free sale, but that probably won't last forever. If you don't have two iPhones, you could split the cost with another user. OK, iPhone users, would tactile feedback make your typing easier on a touch screen? Would you consider using this?