What Books Can't You Put Down?


Okay, I'm a little dim today because I stayed up all night reading The Stand -- the crazy-long unexpurgated version. I'm not sure how I managed NOT to read this book until now (nor really any Stephen King stuff), but once I started, I quickly realized that I couldn't stop. First I turned off the phone, then I ordered a massive delivery of food (couldn't spare precious moments for cooking), and proceeded to devote myself entirely to The Stand. After an entire weekend reading (including both nights -- and I'll admit, a few naps), I'm finally finished.

This hasn't happened to me lately, and it's refreshing. Okay, it's intellectually refreshing; I bet I could use some physical freshening up. Last time I found a book unputdownable (which is apparently a real word) was about two years back, when I read Michael Chabon's Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay...and then everything else he'd written. It put a real damper on my social life for a while, but once I'd worked my way through his catalog, I was back to normal. (If you want to learn more about authors who inspire obsessive reading, check out Gotta Read 'Em All and the recent repost -- skip the article, read the comments.)

So my weekend adventure with The Stand has left me exhausted but happy. I'm a little bummed that the book is over (it's a little like reaching the bottom of a bag of candy), but at the same time...I'm stuffed. I like to tempt fate, so I'll ask: what books have inspired you to read all night?