Judging Your Vices


I've never felt more like a therapist or priest as I did when reading the submissions in our 'Admit Vice, Win Book' contest. Apparently, the world of flossers is not limited to knowledge junkies, but junkies for World of Warcraft, for your own bodily functions and odors (and those of your pets), and for trashy television and movies. And many of you admitted to, shall I say, well-known vices (you know who you are).

Now that I know you all too well, to determine two "winners," I used the guidelines for defining a vice as described by Peter. That is, a vice is a vice if it is:

a) forbidden
b) enjoyable
c) shameful

Or, to quote The Book of Vice: "You knew you shouldn't. But...You loved it. And now...you feel terrible."

That being said, the two commenters deserving of a footnote in the book they'll be receiving are...

1. Maddy, for admitting to:

...the peculiar enjoyment I get when I dig my fingernails into chewing gum stuck to the underside of desks and tables.


2. Amanda, for confessing:

I'm not a nosy person—I don't ask people to tell me things they're not comfortable telling—but I am a HUGE snoop. When people leave their e-mail up on the computer, I always look through it. I've even been regularly checking the e-mail of an ex-boyfriend from years ago who gave me his password. Leave me alone in your house? I will, without a doubt, snoop through your desk drawers, look into your bedroom (including under the bed, where the good stuff is), and see what you've tucked away at the back of the pantry.

A bad habit, yes, but such a sweet, sweet vice. . .

We'll be in touch about your prizes!