The Fact Solicitor General has lots of exciting news today. First, we have a winner for last week's Amazing Fact Contest. It's good to be the King dazzled us all when he said "According to the National Real Estate Investor, the average size of a cubicle in 2005 was 190 Sq Ft (implying dimensions of nearly 14' x 14'). This is down from 250 sq/ft in 2000. Not only that, but office planners think they can reduce it by another 21% without affecting productivity. For fun comparison, the average prison cell size is at least 70 sq/ft."

Second, the glorious halls of Fact Solicitor General Manor will soon be home to Annyong, a cat I'm adopting. In honor of Annyong, this week's topic will be cats. Leave a comment on this post, along with your name and location, about domestic cats, wild cats (I've got a soft spot for ocelots) or famous felines. All facts deemed amazing enough will be entered into the Amazing Fact Generator and credited to you, and the most amazing fact will win the supplier a book. This week we're giving away a copy of Sam Stall's 100 Cats Who Changed Civilization History's Most Influential Felines.

As always, you're limited to 5 submissions per person, and if you cheat by lifting a fact word for word from a competing trivia site, I'll send Annyong to your house to get hair all over your favorite sweater.