The Most Heavily Annotated Flickr Photo

Chris Higgins

I'm not exactly a Flickr power user -- I've never left a photo note, though I've read lots of them. On Flickr, when a photo note is made, the user specifies a zone of the photo and types in a comment. The zone is then marked on the photo with a little box. Mousing over the box shows the note. Okay, simple enough. But what happens when users add 271 notes to a Flickr photo? Sheer madness:

Uploaded on July 4, 2006 by Andrew Castellano, the photo is entitled When Waves Collide. The image shows waves crashing together just off Laguna Beach in California -- but it's a bit hard to see with all those notes. The photo has been marked as a favorite 5,141 times, it has been viewed 375,884 times, and in addition to the 271 notes there are 1,339 comments from other users. Wow.

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