Jason English

"¢ Any college students want to participate in our next College Weekend? We're gunning for early May. See what your fellow scholars have contributed in past installments, then email College Weekend Editor Stacy Conradt for details (collegeweekend@gmail.com). Writing for the world's 9,938th most popular website (1,891st in the U.S.) is resume gold.

"¢ Speaking of cheap labor, we're going to need a few good summer interns. Stay tuned for the official job posting, probably next week. Feel free to start lobbying the selection committee (floss.intern@gmail.com).

"¢ Last month, we put out a call for volunteers to complete a survey. We promised one lucky respondent a $25 shopping spree in the mental_floss store. I've just been handed the envelope, and the winner is Rebekka Senart-Garcia. Congrats! I'll be in touch.

"¢ From April 28"“May 3, our Daily Lunchtime Quizzes will be celebrating the 1980s. Get nostalgic. And we're open to suggestions for future themes, or 80s topics.