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The Weird Week ending April 11th

Miss Cellania

Navel Ring Caught in Nose

A 22-year-old woman in Warwick Farm, NSW, Australia called emergency services after she fell out of bed and her belly button ring became caught in her nose. Paramedics were able to free the woman, who did not need to be hospitalized. Unfortunately, no photographs are available, so you'll have to use your imagination.

150_hedgehog.jpg /

27-year-old William Singalargh of Whakatane, New Zealand was arrested for assault with a weapon. The weapon was a hedgehog thrown at a 15-year-old boy, causing puncture marks and scratches. It is not known whether the hedgehog was alive at the time, but it was dead when police collected it as evidence.

Armed Robber Applies for Job

Demetrius Robinson of Athens, Georgia found a convenience store crowded with customers and waited for them to leave before using a knife to rob the store. He passed the time by filling out a job application, which made the task of finding him easy for the police.

150_beatlestopiary.jpg /

Italian sculptor Franco Covill spent 18 months creating a tribute to the Beatles made of shrubbery grown and sculpted to resemble the band on stage. The artwork in Liverpool was vandalized when someone chopped off Ringo Starr's head. The 67-year-old former Beatle drummer had angered the hometown folks by saying he missed nothing about the city.

Masseuses Asked to Padlock Pants

The local government in Batu, Indonesia has asked massage parlor workers to put padlocks on their pants or skirts in order to discourage prostitution. The State Minister for Women's Empowerment, Meuthia Hatta says this is an insult.

"It is not the right way to prevent promiscuity. It insults women as if they are the ones in the wrong," Hatta said.

Hatta said a better idea would be to install closed circuit television.

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70-year-old Wal*Mart employee Dennis O'Brien was arrested in Royal Palm Beach, Florida for attacking 81-year-old coworker John Esposito with a price gun. Esposito suffered a swollen left eye and cuts on his nose and mouth. There was no word on what price the gun was set to.

The Flames of Love

Lawrence Waterhouse III of Chappaqua, New York set the stage to propose to his girlfriend by lighting candles leading to a gazebo outside his home. After she said yes, at least one of the candles was not properly extinguished. The couple left on a trip the next morning, and the fire department came to put out the fully flaming gazebo. Since the gazebo was the only thing lost, the couple continued their trip after the fire department contacted them at a New York City airport.