The Survey Says...


Your opinion is important to us. Your demographic info is important to our advertisers. Let's kill two birds with one survey!

(That doesn't sound very enticing. Let us sweeten the deal.)

1. Visit and take our 10-question survey.

2. Come back here and leave a comment that says something to the effect of "I took the survey!"

3. We will pick 4 winners at random to receive "I took the survey!" prizes. One lucky respondent will win the mental_floss t-shirt of his or her choosing. The second, third and fourth lucky respondents will win a free back issue of mental_floss magazine. And a fifth survey-taker will win Bob Dylan: The Drawn Blank Series, a book of the sketches by the Pulitzer Prize winner. A $60 value! (Or $6 per survey question. Not bad.)

Now, I realize someone could easily scam us by not taking the survey and leaving a fraudulent comment. So I'll ask that you also tell us your answer to survey question #7.

And if you have feedback not requested by the survey, you can always email me. Thanks!