Digging for VHS Gold

Jason English

Last week's Friday Happy Hour shattered the previous week's attendance record, with 131 comments. That will be tough to beat.

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Today's first topic: what's the most intriguing VHS tape you still own? [We're not looking for movies you've bought in VHS format. Rather, stuff you've taped from TV or shot yourself.]

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2. Mangesh (floss Co-founder), Jenny (Senior Editor, magazine) and I moved into our new Brooklyn office this week. Right now, the walls are literally a blank canvas. Got any ideas for how we should cover them?

3. Keeping with that theme, what's the most embarrassing poster to ever adorn your bedroom wall?

4. When I last filled up my trusty Camry, I believe I paid $3.09/gallon. According to news reports, that sounds like a steal. What's the price of gas where you live?

5. Let's say I offered you the chance to go study abroad for a semester, regardless of your age, financial situation and family obligations. (Let's be clear: I'm not offering this.) Where would you go? What would you study?

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