Creepy or cute? The Banpresto Face Bank will eat your coins and save them for you! The eyes are actually sensors. If they see a coin, the Face Bank's mouth starts to chew. 180NomNom.jpgI'm glad it doesn't salivate! This would be a fine incentive for children to save their coins, but not for very young children. After all, we try to tell them coins are dirty, and you shouldn't put them in your mouth. Plus I don't know what happens when someone sticks their finger in Face Bank's chewing mouth. OK, consider this scenario: You have to raise some funds for the local food bank or whatever. It would be well worth the investment to put one of these on a store counter, because people would fall all over themselves to donate pocket change. It would have to be emptied often, since the money tray is not large. Four AAA batteries required. Available in six colors from AudioCubes for $39.99 plus brick or mortar style from Strapya for 2,380 yen. And you'll love the attempt at English promo copy at Strapya. Watch the Face Bank in action.

If I could improve this product, I'd get rid of the servo motor sound and have it say "Om Nom Nom." Then it would end with a loud burp. Otherwise, I love it!