Power Our Buzz Machine

Jason English

Back in February, Yahoo! launched Yahoo! Buzz, a community-based news site where readers vote on stories from a select group of publishers, such as CNN, Wired, The Huffington Post and HowStuffWorks. We're giddy to announce that, starting this morning, this select group includes mental_floss.

You'll start to notice a 'Buzz Up!' link within some of our posts. If you have a Yahoo! account, you can earn our eternal gratitude by clicking those buttons. The most-Buzzed stories occasionally wind up on the Yahoo! home page, which could bring the _floss to a record number of people.

These are the stories that were Buzzed today. And as the NBC announcer used to say to entice people to watch summer Just Shoot Me reruns, if you haven't seen them, they're new to you!

"¢ The 10 Most Bizarre Athlete Superstitions
"¢ 3 Extreme Ways to Go Green
"¢ 10 Mind-Boggling Psychiatric Treatments
"¢ 7 Famous Athletes Who Now Sell Food
"¢ The Stories Behind 10 Famous Product Placements
"¢ Quiz: Internet Popularity Contest