The Weird Week ending April 25th


Church Applies for Liquor License

The Reverend Geraint ap Iorwerth of St Peter ad Vincula Church in Pennal, Wales plans to apply for a liquor license next month. The license is necessary for the church to sell and serve drinks at church functions such as weddings and christenings. The Reverend said there are plans to open a bar and serve drinks in a new church cafe in the future as well.

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Sandra Frosti of Eastlake Woodlands, Florida heard a noise coming from her kitchen. When she went to check, she saw an alligator next to the refrigerator. She called an emergency operator who suggested it might be an iguana. Deputies who responded summoned an animal trapper who removed the alligator, which measured 8 feet 8 inches. Authorities believe the gator broke through the back porch screen door to pursue Frosti's cat.

Postal Carrier Catches Falling Baby

Lisa Harrell changed her postal route Monday because she had an Express Mail package to deliver. She was at the address at 11AM when a one-year-old baby girl fell out of a half-opened second story window.

"I noticed the upstairs window open halfway," she said. "The baby fell right into my arms. Everything happened so quick."

Paramedics examined the baby and found no visible injuries.

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Svetlana Singh is the tallest woman in India at 7 feet 2 inches tall. Her husband, Sanjay, is 6 feet 6 inches. Their ten-month-old son Karan is already 3 feet 2 inches tall! His mother says he eats twenty times a day.

"He just doesn't stop eating and never stops growing," she said.

"He is only ten-months-old and wears clothes designed for five-year-olds."

The Singhs are proud of their son and hope he may become a basketball player and attend college in America some day.

Two Women Report Sexual Acts with a Ghost

Two unnamed women in Federal Way, Washington reported to police that a ghost has visited their home and placed sensors on their bodies. They also reported the ghost had sexual relations with them. Their stories differed in that one woman said the visits began two years ago, and the other said they had just started.

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Record Coke/Mentos Explosion

About 1,500 students participated in a Mentos/Diet Coke demonstration in Ladeuzeplein square in Leuven, Belgium. Each wore a blue poncho and added Mentos mints to a bottle of Diet Coke for a simultaneous explosion! A new world record has been set. See more picture in The Telegraph. A video is here.

Synchronized Swimmers Rescued from Pool

Three members of the Seattle Synchronized Swim Team were hospitalized after passing out in St. Edward State Park swimming pool during practice. Two coaches and a lifeguard had to pull them out of the pool. Another team member complained of dizziness and disorientation, and a mother near the pool also blacked out. High levels of chemicals in the pool are suspected.