How Did You Know Bill Pearson and Adam Constable?


This must have been a much harder puzzle than I thought when I first put it together. Usually we get dozens and dozens of emails with the correct answers to the week's challenges. Today, only 7!

Before I show you the winners' logic, I need some reader feedback for my next quiz:

1) Was the final puzzle too hard?
2) Were the individual challenges too hard?
3) Did the final trivia category (baseball) turn you off?
4) Any other thoughts this time around?

Most of those who did write in this time, did have most of the answers correct. Adam Constable, who won last month's HDYK? contest worked with Bill Pearson over the course of the week and the two of them sent in the following answers/logic. We'll let them fight it out over who gets the book and who gets the t-shirt.

Meanwhile, see you toward the end of May for the next puzzle...

[The winning email(s) after the jump]


Song1 "“ Let the good times Roll "“ The Cars

Song2 "“ I'll Be Loving You (Forever) - New Kids On The Block

Song3 "“ Voices Carry "“ "˜Til Tuesday

Song4 "“ Walk this Way "“ AeroSmith

Song5 "“ Walk Away - DropKick Murphy's

City - Boston


Q1 "“ Magic Square

Q2 "“ sum=2060

Q3 "“ order=5

Q4 "“ Missing Square = 400


1) North Carolina "“ 6) Ohio

2) Washington "“ 7) Iowa

3) Arkansas "“ 8) Kansas

4) South Dakota "“ 9) Utah

5) New Hampshire "“ 10) Maine

Kansas City


Q1 - Leon Czolgosz

Q2 "“ William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt

Q3 "“ McKinley was assassinated by Czolgosz making Roosevelt president

Baseball Player - Ted Williams

Ted Williams 400th career home run gave Boston a victory over Kansas City.

Ted Williams 400th career home run was hit on July 18, 1956 and as he crossed home plate, he spit in the direction of the sportswriters