Weekend Genius Challenge #29: The Writer in You


About two years ago, I got the idea of compiling some works of poetry or prose using the subject lines from the scores and scores of spam emails I receive every day. Many of them use random-word generators, so you end up with some nonsensical (but interesting-sounding) phrases. One email that I got was labeled "A Twirl of Wheezy," and I was so gung-ho on the project that I actually reserved that domain name thinking that I'd use it as the title of said book. Alas, as with many of my ideas, I learned that I was a day late and a dollar short. Before I had the time to act on the idea, several similar sites popped up across the WWW. But the concept still intrigues me, and it inspired this weekend's WGC.

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As usual, we're looking for the creative, the smart, the bizarre, and the humorous. So if you keep refreshing until you get two "good" words, you'll probably end up ruining your chances. Challenge yourself. It is a great person who can make something from nothing. (Sounds like a fortune cookie, eh?) We'll allow up to three entries per person, but each entry must be in its own comment. And PLEASE remember that comments are moderated, so they will NOT show up immediately after you enter them; it may take minutes/hours before they're released. Good luck!