Intern Season

Jason English

We've been extremely fortunate with our last three batches of interns. Stacy Conradt and Andréa Fernandes joined the staff and quickly became reader favorites. When Jason Plautz isn't dominating the League of Publications with Sports Illustrated's softball team, he contributes weekly articles and quizzes. And current interns Matt Soniak and Allison Keene will graduate into regular roles next month (unless another knowledge/trivia magazine/blog poaches them). As I said the last time we went intern hunting, this is certainly a big-shoes-to-fill situation.

All our previous interns worked from their various homes and dorm rooms. And that's been fine. But if you do live within commuting distance from Brooklyn, we'll set you up with your own desk/spot on the couch in our Mid-Atlantic Headquarters a few days a week. Interns will brainstorm, research and write up flossy articles, lists and quizzes. On some days, you'll be given a topic in the morning and asked to write a story for that afternoon. Plus the occasional task, like image searching or caption contest vote-counting.

If you'd like to join the team, send an email to We'll send you the application and all the details on Monday, May 4th.