Scrooge McDuck's Management Style Revealed

Mangesh Hattikudur

I just finished editing Ethan Trex's amazing new Business School in a Box. Just like mental_floss' Law School in a Box and Med School in a Box, it's crammed full of all sorts of irresistible nuggets of business trivia. But there's plenty of hilarity packed in as well. Check out this segment on Scrooge McDuck from the "Management Styles of the Rich and Fictional" section:

Scrooge McDuck The self-made Scottish duck tycoon seems to be a sort of infallible industrial titan with holdings in mines and mills. He does have a few cracks as a businessman, though. The opportunity cost of keeping all of one's money in a giant vault is vast. Even a conservative investment strategy could net Scrooge millions in interest each year, but he prefers to swim around in his coins. Scrooge's willingness to put his young, probably under-qualified nephews in key spots of his empire smacks of the worst kind nepotism. Moreover, any good HR person will tell you that a male boss who never, ever wears pants is a multimillion-dollar lawsuit just waiting to happen.

Also covered: Mr. Spacely and Montgomery Burns. In any case, look for the box to come out from QuirkBooks later this year. It's one of my favorite floss projects yet!