Report: mental_floss launches new homepage

Mangesh & Jason

We can verify these reports.

Let's do this FAQ style...

Q. I don't deal well with change. Can't I just read the blog the old way?
A. Of course. will remain the same—just wider. Right now, that extra width is doing a number on some images that were specifically designed for the former format. But we'll get that fixed.

Q. Why is this better than the old homepage?
A. The previous page was essentially identical to This version gives us the chance to push forward more content, and makes that content easier for visitors to access. Plus, daily features like Sandy & Kara's Quiz, Miss C's Morning Cup o' Links and the Lunchtime Quiz can now always be found in the same place (the 'Daily Flossings' box).

Q. In the 'Recent Articles by Category' section, I see 'Cheat Sheets' and 'What's the Difference?' What are they?
A. Try them. You'll like them!

Q. Why isn't the list of 'Daily Lunchtime Quizzes' being updated?
A. Good eye. We're going to tackle that in phase two.

Q. No further questions.
A. Enjoy the new-look!