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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Violinist Gives Thank You Concert for Cabbies

Violinist Philippe Quint took a cab home from the airport in New Jersey last month, and left his 285-year-old Stradivarius in the car. Cab driver Mohamed Khalil returned the $4 million instrument to Quint. As a "thank you," Quint performed a special lunchtime concert for about 200 cabbies in the parking lot at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Artificial Beak for Bald Eagle

Beauty is an Alaskan bald eagle whose beak was shot off several years ago. She was taken to a refuge, but her beak did not grow back. Next month, Beauty will get a new nylon-composite beak, thanks to the work of volunteer engineers and veterinarians. The bird must remain in captivity, but will be able to drink and eat properly.

Self-tracheotomy with a Steak Knife

55-year-old Steve Wilder of Omaha, Nebraska awoke one night and couldn't breathe. He had a similar episode once before, in which his air passage swelled shut. Figuring he didn't have time to wait for emergency medical help, Wilder used a steak knife to cut a small hole in his throat, which allowed air to enter his windpipe. Doctors expect no adverse effects from the self-tracheotomy.

Chunky Monkeys Put on Diet

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X-ray Shows Python Swallowed Kitten

An eight-week-old kitten in Australia's Northern territory was killed and consumed by a five-foot python. The cat's head was three time the size of the snake's head, but the python unhinged its jaw and swallowed the kitten whole, as an x-ray shows. The kitten's owner found the bulging snake, and called a snake wrangler after rounding up the other cats. The python will be released after he has digested his big meal.

World Record Lego Tower

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