The Quick 10: 10 of the Most Common Place Names in the U.S.

Stacy Conradt

I grew up in a town called Ottumwa and I think it's pretty safe to say that there aren't too many of those scattered across the United States. These 10 places, though, are likely to show up more than once on a cross-country road trip.

10 of the Most Common Place Names in the U.S.

1. Franklin - 37, including five in Wisconsin and three in New York.
2. Salem - 36. I wonder which one is home to the Days of our Lives Salem?
3. Washington - 32, including eight in Wisconsin. Wouldn't that get confusing?
4. Springfield - 32. Guess what? Five in Wisconsin. Springfield, Vermont, was the town chosen to hold the premiere of The Simpsons movie, but in reality, the actual location of The Simpsons' hometown remains a mystery.
5. Clinton - 31, including three in New York and three in Wisconsin.
6. Georgetown - 27, including two in Georgia (makes sense), two in Indiana, and, yes, two in Wisconsin.
7. Greenville - 26. Three in New York, but only one in Wisconsin!
8. Madison - 26.
9. Fairview - 26. Two each in New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and Kentucky... but none in Wisconsin.
10. Manchester - 25. The biggest of these is Manchester, New Hampshire, with about 110,000 people.