Caption Contest #9 Finalists!

David K. Israel

Thanks to all who entered our 9th Caption Contest. I have to say, some of these made me guffaw out loud! Honestly. The best captions to date! Now it's up to you all to pick the winner, after the jump you'll find our 10 favorites.

Drop your vote in the comments below and may the best caption win!

And the finalists are"¦

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A) "Sorry Sir, The chef is having a bad hare day!" B) "Just as you ordered, sir, hot cross bunny!" C) "Here is your steamed hassenpfeffer sir." D) "I'm sorry, sir, but our head chef Glenn Close was out today"¦" E) "I believe you owe him an apology sir, your review of his parents' Etouffee was quite scathing." F) "I told you he wouldn't stand to be eaten with any "bleedin' merlot." G) "Next week on Top Chef"¦" H) "Were having a little trouble with your tortoise soup, it seems that there was some kind of race." I) "I'm sorry but he wishes to express his displeasure with your ordering the tortoise soup as the appetizer." J) "Waiter, I asked for a steak, medium. This is just a hare undercooked."