Online Museum: Big Things of Canada

Chris Higgins

You can browse the, uh, collection by Subject Matter (don't miss Processed Foods), Province (a winner: Manitoba), or by Artist. The curator of the museum, David Yanciw (pictured above next to a big Canadian Triceratops) explains his motivation:

...Me and a friend of mine (Samson Yee) undertook a road trip from my city (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) to Edmonton, Alberta. Well we decided to take a little detour in search of the world's largest Pyrogy (Ukrainian dumpling) in Glendon, Alberta. I had seen a newspaper article about it and another good friend also mentioned it. I had to see, with my own eyes, how they can make something like this look realistic (it was on a giant fork). It actually did look really good but what was more amazing was we, like many others, have gone a great deal out of our way to see it. Glendon is out of the way for anybody. We stopped in at the gift shop and bought a plastic spoon with a decal and a miniature pyrogy on it and I realized what the monument really meant.

Although the site's design is pretty dated, there's lots of great stuff in the collection. Have a look, and don't miss the anthropomorphized Pinto Bean from Bow Island, AB; the creepy Potato from Maugerville, NB; or the giant Catfish outside a McDonald's in Selkirk, MB.