The Quick 10: 10 High I.Q. Societies I'll Never Get Into

Stacy Conradt

Yeah, we all know about Mensa. But there are some I.Q. societies who turn their collective noses up at people who are only smarter than 98 percent of the general population. Here are a few of them.

10 High I.Q. Societies I'll Never Get Into

1. Intertel - the top 1 percent of IQs
2. Top One Percent Society - if you can't figure this out, maybe you should go ahead and apply for Mensa instead. (I'm kidding!!)
3. Infinity International Society - the top 0.37 percent
4. Cerebrals Society - the top 0.3 percent
5. CIVIQ Society - the top 0.13 percent
6. Triple Nine Society - the top 0.1 percent
7. Prometheus Society - the top 0.0003 percent
8. Epimetheus Society - the top .0003 percent
9. Mega Society - the top .0001 percent
10. Giga Society - the top .0000001 percent

Now that I feel good and stupid, I'm going to go eat some paint chips or something. See you later.