To celebrate the end of the (school) year, I've rounded up the 11 most popular "Feel Art Again" posts. Take a break out of your day to check out these great works of art, the best of "Feel Art Again":

gentileschi2.jpg11. "Judith Beheading Holofernes," Artemisia Gentileschi
Read about the most scandalous trial of the 17th century, Gentileschi's patronage from the Medicis and King Charles I, and her famous friends.

Ingres---Joan-of-Arc.jpg10. "Joan of Arc at Coronation of Charles VII," Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
Old age, the collapse of Napoleon's reign, and silly details like historical accuracy couldn't hold Ingres back.

friedrich.jpg09. "Two Men Contemplating the Moon," Caspar David Friedrich
Friedrich's painting launched the version of "Feel Art Again" (previously a feature in the magazine).

Eakins.jpg08. "The Champion Single Sculls," Thomas Eakins
Eakins' detailed and accurate depiction of the most popular sport of the day didn't go over too well with his Philadelphia critics, but was a hit on mental_floss.

Caravaggio.jpg07. "Amor Vincit Omnia," Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
As the bad boy of art, Caravaggio's exploits included brawls, trials, rivalries, and a declaration from the Knights of Malta that he was a "foul and rotten member."

Bouguereau.jpg06. "A Young Girl Defending Herself Against Eros," Adolphe William Bouguereau
American millionaires favored Bouguereau, who was named by Edgar Degas and Claude Monet as "most likely to be remembered as the greatest 19th-century French painter by the year 2000."

picasso.jpg05. "First Communion," Pablo Picasso
Picasso was so skilled at a young age that his father, the talented artist Jose Ruiz Blasco, vowed to never paint again.

mona.jpg04. "Mona Lisa," Leonardo da Vinci
Da Vinci's famous painting has survived theft, attacks, and bug infestations to become one of the world's most well-known paintings and a huge hit with the Japanese.

Hokusai.jpg03. "Iris Flowers," Hokusai; "Irises," Vincent van Gogh
View the lives and the works of these two great artists side-by-side.

Seurat.jpg02. "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte," Georges-Pierre Seurat
Read about Seurat's fascination with color, his secret girlfriend and children, and the painting's impact on pop culture.

Pieta.jpg01. "Pietà," Michelangelo (di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni)
Michelangelo's career was never typical: he was paid for his apprenticeship, two biographies were published before his death, and his contemporaries recognized him as "the divine one."

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