I embarked on a recent trip to New Zealand fully expecting to be wowed by breathtaking landscapes and sublime vistas. What I didn't expect was to walk into the bathroom of a Wellington bar and find two gaping, lipsticked mouths waiting for me. I'm referring, of course, to the urinals:

Apparently, I wasn't the only one to be taken off-guard by these urinals: "Virgin Airways had to cancel their plans to use the Kisses urinals at their John F. Kennedy airport lounge in New York after fliers complained that they looked like the shape of a woman's mouth." That's when I realized, there's a whole world of wacky urinals out there just waiting to be micturated in! Like this one, also in New Zealand (the Queenstown Sofitel, if you simply must pee there):
It's a bit tough to see in the photo, but the women are armed with measuring sticks, magnifying glasses and other humiliating implements. (Nothing like a trip to the loo to make you feel small.)

This photo of musical urinal has been making its way around the internet:
If you're in a sporting mood, these interactive soccer urinals, found by Flickr user OndraSoukup at a McDonald's. (If you want one for yourself, check out the Wee-Goal company's website.)
You can flush with pride in the Southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing, which has opened a four-story, 1,000-toilet bathroom facility they hope to have designated the world's largest by the Guinness Book. In a perhaps misguided attempt to beguile foreigners of all persuasions, they included a row of Virgin Mary-themed urinals:
Well, that's sure to piss a few people off.