The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Child Has Never Fallen Asleep

3-year-old Rhett Lamb of St. Petersburg, Florida doesn't sleep. He never has. Rhett has a rare medical condition called chari malformation, in which the brain tissue protrudes into the spinal column. His parents sleep in shifts in order to keep an eye on him. Rhett's father quit his job to provide care, and his mother is working extra to help with the family's huge medical bills. Rhett underwent experimental surgery last week that may help his condition.

Close Encounters of the Elephant Kind

Swiss tourists Rico Beltrame and his sister Angela were visiting the Hluhluwe Umfolozi nature reserve in South Africa when an elephant assaulted their rented Volkswagen. The elephant put his foot on top of the car, causing it to buckle. The frightened couple waited about six minutes before the elephant moved on. Budget rent-a-car said repair will cost about R7000.

Ukraine Town to Build Monument to Drunken Pig

The town of Komsomolsk, Ukraine is known for its many bizarre monuments and statues. The latest municiple art project is a sculpture of a "drunken pig", designed as lying down with its head in a trough, to be installed near a cafe.

"This monument symbolizes those people who make pigs of themselves by drinking far too much," said Oleg Ryabo, the local sculptor responsible.

No Stealing Bases at Graduation

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Driver Buckles Up Beer Instead of Child

An unnamed driver was stopped by police near Alice Springs, Australia. Constable Wayne Burnett said that the car's occupants had put a seatbelt around a carton of beer, but had neglected to buckle up a 5-year-old child.

"There were four adults in the car, two in the front seat and two in the back seats and in between those adults there was the carton of beer strapped in with the belt," he said.

"The child was sitting in the lump in the centre, unrestrained."

The driver was fined for the seatbelt violation plus driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

Goats Spray-Painted with Swastikas

State police in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania are investigating a case of vandalism reported last Sunday. Someone spray-painted swastikas on three goats owned by Janice Belin of Bellaria Township. No one has been arrested.

Woman Injured by Diving Pelican

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