Friday Happy Hour: Wild Accusations, eBay Advice & Camp Stories

Jason English

1. Last week I was in a minor car accident. (Hold on to those gift baskets. I'm OK.) Afterwards, I pulled into a shopping center to take pictures of the damage. An elderly woman was parked beside me, watching suspiciously as I snapped away. When she got out of the car, I (unnecessarily) assured her that she wouldn't be in the photos. "I don't care about that," she snapped. "I thought you were going to mug me." I didn't have a comeback for "you look like the kind of person who would steal from a helpless octogenarian," so her remark effectively ended the photoshoot. I put away my camera and went to buy a smoothie.

Today's first question—what's the wildest thing you've been (falsely) accused of?

2. The new Brooklyn office is coming together, especially if you define "coming together" as "we're getting used to the unpacked boxes." Mangesh has generously given me $50 to spend on decor, with one stipulation—whatever item(s) I buy must be purchased on eBay. I was thinking nostalgic magazine covers or action figures, but let me know if you have any suggestions. (If I buy your item, we'll send you a free mental_floss t-shirt.)

3. In my house, shelf space is at a premium. We now have three boxes of books clogging up the basement, making it very hard to reach my Crock Pot. I don't want any money for these books, but I also don't want to have to mail them. My local library is currently not accepting donations. Got any ideas on organizations that might?

4. We're working on a post about strange summer camps. Know of any? Did you attend one?

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