Friday Happy Hour: Did Deleted Scenes Really Happen?

Jason English

1. Earlier this week, I was watching the DVD bonus features included with season one of The West Wing. Let's say there was a deleted scene that showed media consultant Mandy Hampton being fired for making comments detrimental to President Bartlett. (There wasn't; this is all hypothetical.) If I were putting together a West Wing quiz, would "she was fired for making comments detrimental to President Bartlett" be the correct answer to the question "What happened to Mandy Hampton after the first season?" Or when the directors chose not to include that scene, did it cease to exist?

It may be an unfair quiz question (how many people regularly watch DVD bonus features while wheezing on the treadmill?), but I'd love your opinion on the larger question—did deleted scenes really happen?

2. As another class of graduates pours into the workforce, let's talk about career paths. Which of your friends has the best job? (And, more importantly, what's the job?) I'll let you define what exactly "best" means—hours worked, money earned, satisfaction derived, and so on.

3. Help me diversify my cookout options by sharing your favorite grilling recipes. [I should apologize to our Dietribes team for stepping on their territory. Sorry Allison (writer), Johanna (photographer) and Meg. (researcher).]

4. We'll end with a commercial that's been baffling me for over a year. The spokesman for Procede—a hair restoration tonic—is Giuseppe Franco, a Beverly Hills salon owner. That makes sense. What doesn't make sense is this line at the end: "Now you can try Procede absolutely risk free! The exact product selling at Giuseppe Franco's of Beverly Hills for $450, for just $19.95!"

I hate to go all Andy Rooney on you, but if you were doling out almost $500 for this at Giuseppe's salon, wouldn't you be incredibly angry that he was hawking the exact same stuff for $20 during Mike and the Mad Dog on the YES Network? OK, that's not the question. This is: what strange commercial or infomercial do you spend way too much time deconstructing (or at least thinking about)?

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