The Weekend Links

Allison Keene

"¢ From Kevin, an amazing, giant beautiful moth from Australia. Personally, I think moths are underrated, and often more intriguing than their fragile fellow fliers, the butterfly.

"¢ Catastic! Cats who look just like Wilford Brimley. Also check out this video game hack for the ultimate Wilford Brimley experience.

"¢ Hmmm, what do horror-punkers read? Take a look into the wild world of Glenn Danzig's book collection ... narrated by Danzig himself. (Thanks Pat for this jewel.)

"¢ Ron Burgundy interviews Tom Brokaw. (Via The Daily Tube, home of The Best New Videos on the Internet.)

"¢ Here are 10 cool cloud formations you may not have seen. I was lucky enough to witness #2 on this list, Mammatous Clouds, the other evening. Stunning. But then again, I'm a weather nerd.

"¢ Also from Kevin, an in depth look at whether our brains change when we go into space.

"¢ An Indiana Jones sports quiz from Page 2. Only serious fans of both need apply. The questions left me baffled, but I applaud anyone who can score well.

"¢ If you're looking for listening material, Bill Simmons recently welcomed Chuck Klosterman to The B.S. Report podcast. Chuck never responded to our internship offer.

"¢ One of the funniest things I've read in quite some time ... Jack Handey graces The New Yorker's "Shouts and Murmurs" feature with a fantastic piece.

"¢ Anyone excited for the Stanley Cup Finals? If you're watching and Detroit fans start tossing octopuses on the ice, here's a brief explanation:

"Every sport has its own strange traditions. I'd argue hockey's 'throwing an octopus on the ice for good luck' is the weirdest. Tossing the eight-tentacled cephalopod was the brainchild of Detroit storeowners Pete & Jerry Cusimano. The date: April 15, 1952. The logic: one tentacle for each of the eight victories it took to win the Stanley Cup back then. Later that spring, most likely fueled by the good luck octopus, the Red Wings won the title. PETA has objected to this practice, which continues to this day. The Red Wings mascot is not a Red Wing, but Al the Octopus."

"¢ From Flossy reader Tony, another great article: 10 Things You Didn't Know about Ol' Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra.

"¢ A series of pictures documenting what happens when eggs freeze. Something I hadn't ever really considered, but the results are eggshellent.

mysterious-mail.jpg /

"¢ From Jason: "I'm on some pretty strange mailing lists. Usually the non-bills & magazines go straight from the mailbox to the trash. But this one intrigued me enough to call on the floss army for an explanation. Anyone speak...whatever language this is? What's going on here? My money's on 'root beer ad.'"

[Update: Miss Cellania is on the same strange mailing list.)

"¢ A plethora of links this week from Angie. First: How do you add up? Here's a 1930s "wife rating chart" to be thankful at how far we've come.

An incredible video made with a Mac OSX Leopard desktop by digital filmmaker Dennis Liu.

"¢ Number 234879 in the list of Great Inventions: Transparent Post-Its!

"¢ Finally, the Lovely Picture of the Week.

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