How Did You Know Kevin Howk?

David K. Israel

Congrats to Kevin Howk who solved this week's HDYK? in about 9 minutes!
The final answer was:
The only aves that can use their wings to fly in reverse are: hummingbirds
I would have taken backwards for "in reverse" as well as Trochilidae for hummingbirds, but the facts remain the same.
Here's Kevin's logic as well as his answers from the rest of the week:
Monday: All played in reverse

* We Will Rock You, Queen, 1977
* When Doves Cry, Prince,1984
* Vogue, Madonna, 1990
* Don't Stop Believing, Journey, 1981

Clue for tomorrow is an 1864 lithograph of the Boston Tea Party...also reversed
Tuesday: "Hail Flutie," Boston College vs. Miami, November 23, 1984

* Doug Flutie
* Boston College

Clue for tomorrow is a photo of a Beatles-era Paul McCartney
Wednesday: Songs by Paul McCartney & Wings

* Band on the Run, 1974
* Listen to What the Man Said, 1975
* Silly Love Songs, 1976
* With a Little Luck, 1978
* Coming Up, 1980

Clue for tomorrow is the video for The One That You Love by Air Supply
Thursday: Album Covers

* Animals, Pink Floyd, 1977
* In Utero, Nirvana, 1993
* Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin, 1969
* License to Ill, Beastie Boys, 1986
* The One That You Love, Air Supply, 1981

Friday: Ave maria = hail mary