Two contest winners!

David K. Israel

Congrats to our two latest contest winners!!

Despite that the waiter is doing the talking, the following caption beat out all the others in popularity because it was just so darn clever (perhaps when we put out a book of _floss cartoons we'll have to get Robert to redraw the cartoon so the patron is speaking? Robert?)

"Waiter, I asked for a steak, medium. This is just a hare undercooked."

And our second contest last week "“ Historical Figure Shopping Lists "“ the popular vote went to:

Emily Dickinson:
(first and last visit to corner store)

crackers, dry
eggs -
wry, oh, rye bread
truth, beauty - heart!

Oh! flour, 1 bag, large

We'll be in touch about your prizes. Tune in later this week for another great book giveaway!