Come up with a faux quote, win a book!

David K. Israel

If you missed our interview with David Pratt, author of the new book The Impossible Takes Longer: The 1,000 Wisest Things Ever Said by Nobel Prize Laureates, go check it out and then come on back because today, we're giving away a copy to one creative reader. Here's how to win the book:

Come up with a clever, witty, fake quote and attribute it to a notable person (real, mythological, fictitious, it's up to you). For instance, what if the great mathematician Archimedes (of "Eureka!" fame), had said this one night after a satisfying meal with his wife:

"For dessert, can I slice you up a nice approximation of pi?"

We'll pick 10 finalists and let you guys vote up the most original. That's all there is to it. May the wittiest faux-quote win!