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Friday Happy Hour: Secret Talents of Our Readers

Jason English

1. We're getting some great comments under this morning's spelling bee quiz. I hope more former spelling prodigies come out of the woodwork. But spelling wasn't the only quirky way to separate yourself from your grade school classmates. Perhaps you dominated the National Geography Bee. Or won a gold medal in gymnastics at the Junior Olympics. Or were a world class math-lete. Or starred in a Crispy Critters cereal commercial. (They were indubitably delicious.) What secret talent from your youth have you been hiding?

2. Yesterday we posted an article about people fired for blogging. Got any good stories about getting canned?

3. Which TV show's cancellation would upset you most right now?

4. Allison Keene, the keeper of the Weekend Links, is on vacation. If you've stumbled across anything notable this week, help me out. Shameless self promotion is highly encouraged (links to your Flickr photos, YouTube videos, blog entries, etc.) If you omit the 'http://www' part, you should be allowed to leave links in the comments. If not, you can send them to Have a great weekend!

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