The Weekend Links

Allison Keene

I'm headed into the boonies this week for a much needed respite, and since I won't have internet access I've compiled a list of some of my favorites from Weekend Links past. Revisit these (or experience them for the first time) and remember to send me more!

But before we get to the greatest hits, here's a new video from Michael at The Daily Tube, home of the best new videos on the internet...

"¢ You might have heard of Project Greenlight, but what about a competition for the WORST movie ideas? It's called Project Redlight, and was judged by Harvey Weinstein himself, who chose an all-out winner from a competitive field of ten. I fear the one with Rob Schneider might actually get produced.

"¢ If only the Oxford English Dictionary (or the Urban Dictionary, for that matter) had celebrity pictures to match up with the definitions ... luckily, this site does! Learn new words alongside celebrity gossip. Now that's hot.

"¢ Anyone who's worked in an office or lived in a condo/co-op knows the plague of passive-aggressive notes and memos that occasionally paper one's desk or community bulletin board. This site makes it an art.

"¢ My friends and I have a theory that Michael Cera (Arrested Development, Superbad) doesn't act, he just shows up places as himself - a sweet, awkward kid. Check out this hilarious interview video and judge for yourself (side note: Is there a better chat-show name than "Between Two Ferns"?).

"¢ If only I had been so talented ... an animated wall drawing that is guaranteed to impress.

Five Great Auditory Illusions. The Barbershop one pretty thoroughly spooked me.

"¢ Jan has sent in these pictures of money being folded in ways that look like celebrities. Pretty darn cool.

"¢ Thanks to my friend Thomas who sent in the clip above with the instructions to wait until the :47 second mark. If you do, you will be rewarded tenfold. I KNEW I should have stuck with those piano lessons ... allows you to improve your vocab while giving back. Not bad, right? I got to level 46 ... can anyone beat me without using a dictionary?

"¢ Looking to slip away into slumber to some soft, soulful tunes? This site offers free, downloadable sleepytime tunes for your listening pleasure. Also, check out Rockabye Baby Music, where rock songs are turned into sweet lullabies.

"¢ Reader Jane sent a link to an incredible product. As she put it, "it is amazing what will sell. If you got the $$ they have the item." Additionally, the user reviews makes this a classic.

"¢ This story from The Sun about a menacing gnome will scare you or excite you, but either way, seriously, what IS it?

"¢ Also from Jan, a list of the Most Unusual Books of the World. Pop-ups aren't just for kids!

"¢ And finally, here are a few links to our readers' blogs. Considering moving to New Zealand? Visit Dawn & Darren's site. Marie has compiled some time-wasting links of her own. Celeste's husband curates two blogs: (collectibles) and Fandomania (geek culture).

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