Friday Happy Hour: Your Best Field Trips

Jason English

Today's 'Friday Happy Hour' questions were deleted after some careless clicking on my part. Not saving my work also played a role. Rather than try to remember what I'd written, let's just go with one question this week. The topic: field trips.

Earlier this week, Brett Savage asked whether we knew our Super Mario Bros. villains from our obscure dinosaurs. In his quiz intro, he touched on his annual field trip to the local museum. This sent us on a field trip tangent.

We had our share of memorable trips—The Land of Make Believe, Turtle Back Zoo, Hershey Park—but my clearest memory is about a trip that wasn't taken. After the bombing of Pan-Am Flight 103, our scheduled field trip to Newark Airport was canceled. When a classmate asked our teacher what one thing had to do with the other, she said, "You might get kidnapped by terrorists." It's a wonder any of us ever flew again.

What was your best field trip?

[Image courtesy of buelow. See transcripts of previous Friday Happy Hours]