College Weekend: The Trilogy

Stacy Conradt

While most college students are relishing in the fact that finals are over, flossers have continued their researching, writing and editing efforts. Yup, it's time for another College Weekend! It's been a while, so we'll refresh your memory: from time to time, mental_floss lets college students bring their laundry over, raid the fridge and break out a keg. OK, maybe not. But we do find some awesome writers and have them take over the site for the weekend. Over the next couple of days, we've got some great stories and quizzes for you from students at Hunter College, the University of Colorado, Northwestern, Eastern Illinois University and even the University of Nebraska. I struggled with this one - as an Iowa State grad, I kind of hate the Huskers (all of my in-laws are die-hard Husker fans) with a passion. But her quiz is so good I let my biases slide.

So, starting tomorrow morning, look for the College Weekend banner and prepare to be impressed. These guys are good. If you can't wait until then, peruse the past College Weekends. And hey, if you're a college student (grad, undergrad, doctorate - it doesn't matter), feel free to send your ideas to

See you bright and early!