The Weekend Links


"¢ In the dog days of summer, many of us are probably wishing we had automatic lawn mowers to keep us out of the heat. Well, the technology is at hand! As this Slate article examines, although the concept sounds perfectly lovely, "we're talking about a slicing machine that runs around by itself and can't even be stopped by power depletion." Don't sign me up for one just YET.

"¢ Here in Atlanta, we frequent the Sweetwater Brewery, which features their famous 420 brew in addition to the maturely named Donkey Punch and, of course, Happy Ending Imperial Stout. Read more about interesting, ridiculous, and funny beer names.

"¢ A Mesmerizing Magnetic Movie, from Michael at The Daily Tube ("the best new videos on the internet"). Gizmodo has more on the experiment.

"¢ The Green Movement continues to reach into the world of electronics. Here's a new way to save energy costs and be environmentally aware: a "green" computer monitor, that will also save on your own "green" by costing the same as those comparable, vampire energy sucking devices.

"¢ As a follow-up to yesterday's video game theme song quiz, here's the Super Mario Bros. theme, played on an Ocarina.

"¢ Flossy reader Tony has provided an article about a postage stamp that shows a 3-second sports clip. All I can say is, see it to believe it! For my money, I'd love to see that incredible helmet catch by David Tyree from this past Super Bowl played out over and over again on stamps across the country. (Sorry, Pats fans.)

"¢ From Paul: "Five things humans no longer need," an article that explores Vestigial organs, or "parts of the body that once had a function but are now more-or-less useless. Probably the most famous example is the appendix, though it is now an open question whether the appendix is really vestigial. The idea that we are carrying around useless relics of our evolutionary past has long fascinated scientists and laypeople alike." I for one wish we didn't have to deal with wisdom teeth.

"¢ Who knew bus stops could be interesting? Got any interesting bus stops in your home town? Ever had the good fortune of sitting in one?

"¢ Speaking of things one wouldn't assume to be interesting and yet, lo, here I spent a good ten minutes perusing ... pre-owned bookmarks. Perhaps my fascination came not so much with the objects themselves (although some are quite interesting), but in how they so closely mirror my own habits.

"¢ "Millennials" are taking up more desks in the workforce. How's that going? Chet Gulland takes a look.

"¢ Anyone brave enough to try this trick? How to make your eyes feel closed when they are open. Sounds creepy to me. What were your results?

"¢ From reader Amy: "I've recently returned from Key West and this guy performs at Mallory Square during the sunset celebration everyday. Maybe people already know about him but I found it fascinating. He's got these cats jumping through hoops of fire with a big hunk of sushi as reward. Combine that with his wacky gestures and exclamations and it's a lot of fun." See him in action here:

"¢ A similar topic from Jan: Zorro the Traveling Cat. The altruistic creator of this site makes a small donation to one of two animal-related charities of your choice if you send in a picture and fact from where you live or a place you've visited (and even gives a small pittance to you) and can add Zorro to the pic. Check it out, and consider collaborating!

"¢ This one is sure to be a treat and delight. Are you aware of the Annual Pun-Off? Here's a segment from NPR that you won't want to miss.

"¢ I don't have the money to throw away a microwave, but if I did, I might try this: beautiful pictures of microwaved CDs.

"¢ Ah, l'amore. This short animated video shows all of the perils and pitfalls of love ... but all's well that ends well ... right?

"¢ Finally, two interesting art projects: One, things to do with paper money, and two, skin painted to look like shoes.

Have a great weekend everyone! Please continue to send your links to—where would I be without you?