ANEO Web Camera

Miss Cellania

Webcams come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. The ANEO ANWC0804 Web Camera is one of the cutest, in the shape of a little guy with a big eye looking at you. The arms and legs are adjustable, enabling him to sit where you want him to. But that's just the beginning of the fun!
The camera comes with three interactive games, Kungfu, Super Knight, and Funny Stair. You need no controller, mouse, or keys to play; just interact with the objects on screen, as you'll be in the screen with them! It will make sense once you see the video. At first, I thought this might be something you'd have to get used to, like a weatherman in front of a green screen. No, this is extremely simple, since you're watching exactly where you need to shoot, or hit, or whatever. This kind of thing might draw unwanted attention at work, as you sit there and wave your arms around like a raving lunatic, so it might be best to play these games at home.

I see one obvious problem with this gadget. Although the webcam works with Windows, Vista, and Mac, the interactive games only work with Windows. The ANEO ANWC0804 Web Camera is a reasonable $33, plus $3 shipping.