6 Strange and Unique Fathers Day Gifts


The problem with buying a gift for Fathers Day is that most men just go buy things they want when they want them. If they can't afford it, chances are you can't afford it, either. Is it any wonder why we buy him yet another fishing lure or tie every year? It takes some imagination and maybe a sense of humor to get him something really different, like these gifts.

Pool Pogo Stick

You can bet your dad would be the only one on the block with an underwater pogo stick. Designed with a rigid ball that lies under the footrest, it allows you to bounce off solid pool walls and bottoms. Made of plastic and rubber, available from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Deer Butt Alien

431_assquatch.jpg /

Assquatch is the delicate art of shaping a deer butt into a monster or alien face. It is a folk tradition handed down through the generations. Or not. But some people really make these, and others buy them on eBay.

The Condiment Gun

431_condiment-gun.jpg /

Why just squeeze ketchup or mustard on your food when you can shoot it? The Condiment Gun looks like a cartoon six-shooter, and will aim your ketchup right where it needs to go, on your fries or your opponent in a food fight.

Bacon of the Month Club

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Bacon! It's a gift that Dad will apprecate now, and once a month for the entire year. Every month a different artisan bacon will be delivered to his address. And you get a t-shirt, a pig ballpoint pen, a monthly comic strip, a toy pig, recipes, and a pig nose! Sign him up for the Bacon of the Month Club at the Grateful Palate.

Cosby Sweater

431_cosbysweater.JPG /

Your dad probably remembers the strangely colorful sweaters Bill Cosby wore as he portrayed the perfect dad on The Cosby Show. Some of the iconic sweaters are for sale on eBay, in an auction to benefit the Hello Friend/Ennis William Cosby Foundation. The opening bids for each of three sweaters is $5,000, bidders must be pre-approved, and the auction will be over Friday. The last I looked, none of the three sweaters up for grabs has any bids.

Badonkadonk Land Cruiser

431tank.jpg /

If money is no object, how about treating dad to a tank? The JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank gained fame as the strangest item sold by Amazon. This $20,000 vehicle is surrounded by steel with a patina of rust. The interior is completely modern, with carpet, sound system, and room for five people. Since they are built when ordered, you won't get it delivered in time for Fathers Day, but dad probably won't mind waiting for this.

If you're looking for something a bit more conventional but still unique, read about the gutter-cleaning robot, the automatic solar lawn mower, the weed-whacking golf club, or just skip all that nonsense and get him what he'll really like: a subscription to mental_floss magazine!

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