As someone who loves non-sequiturs and absurd nonsense of all sorts, the newspaper has been of great comfort over the years. I used to work at a small-town paper, and it's amazing the kind of stuff that almost makes it into print; not just egregious misspellings and odd turns of phrase, but weird content placeholders ("the rotary club did some crap someplace" could be a news item, prior to the whens wheres and hows coming in). Even knowing that, though, it still blows my mind when really strange stuff shows up in the newspaper. Here are some that made us laugh.

What I love about this -- it's not a mistake. It's too specific. So it's either one very mixed-up ad poster, or some kind of coded mob hit.

Dominos' new slogan.

hotdog funeral.jpg
Hot dog! It's funeral time!

crumble obscure.jpg
Apparently this was an ad translated from Chinese into English. We can only hope the Chinese-character tattoos people get make this much sense.

Someone had too much fun with the clipart.

And the weather only appears to be getting worse.

A simple misspelling? Or a brilliant new product?

Look at the catalog they're browsing. I think they're stuck inside the Matrix.

space suit.jpg
The caption reads: "Fifth grader Catherine Johnson (10) tries on a space suit worn by astronaut Neil Armstrong when he walked on the moon's surface."

blood urine.jpg
Most definitely the quote of the day.

The "b" is for bargain!

Did he wire your mouth closed for a week?

Mom! Can I bring George Lopez?

That must be quite a dumpster.
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