Winning Political Memorabilia From Losing Campaigns


With the end of Hillary Clinton's presidential bid, the campaign swag and the items she inspired have become memorabilia. You can bid on any number of unique political relics on eBay.

Clinton may not be running the country next year, but she can govern your desk with this clock.

guitarpick.jpg /

You can pick Clinton anytime with this guitar pick necklace. And if your dog refuses to concede defeat, you can give him a "Boston Terriers for Hillary" pin.

hillary-painting.jpg /

For a classy decoration, try an original oil painting of Clinton (John McCain and Barack Obama also available).

clinton-obama-button.jpg /

Also, one eBay vendor sells "Dream Team" buttons, featuring an Obama-Clinton ticket. (No word on whether that mystery vendor is Hillary herself.)
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According to the Smithsonian, ever since Andrew Jackson's successful bid for the 1828 presidential election, candidates have campaigned with buttons, snuff boxes and other novelties.

andrew-jackson-medal.jpg /

One of his campaign medals made it to eBay.

In case Clinton and Jackson have you feeling nostalgic for other campaigns, a number of older political artifacts are also available for sale.

gore-campaign.jpg /

Cuddle up with an Al Gore 2000 campaign Beanie Baby while wearing a 1988 Al Gore for President button.

john-kerry-toys.jpg /

Make donkey sounds by pressing a button on a John Kerry 2004 doll.

dole-dukakis.jpg /

Say "It's Time for a Change" like you mean it with a Bob Dole 1996 campaign pocket knife. Or say "It's Time for a Change" more gently with a Dukakis-Bentsen 1988 campaign thimble.

goldwater-water.jpg /

When you're done shopping, enjoy a can of Barry Goldwater "Gold Water"—"the Right Drink for the Conservative Taste."

If you find it difficult to put a monetary value on any of these goodies, the American Political Items Collectors organization ( or the recently published Warman's Political Collectibles guide may be helpful.

Is anyone holding on to campaign memorabilia from a previous election cycle?