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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Nail in Skull Removed with Claw Hammer

George Chandler of Shawnee, Kansas accidentally shot a nail into the top of his head when the hose to his nail gun became tangled. He didn't immediately know that he had a 2.5 inch nail in his head. He was rushed to the hospital, where a doctor used a common claw hammer to remove the nail. Chandler says he feels very lucky the injury wasn't more serious.

21-Leaf Clover Sets Record

Shigeo Obara, a farmer in Japan's Iwate prefecture discovered a clover last week with an amazing 21 leaves! The current world record is an 18-leaf clover, which Obara himself grew in 2002. Obara, a former food crop researcher, has been cultivating clover for over 50 years, crossbreeding and studying its genetic makeup.

Antarctic Base Gets 16,500 Condoms for Winter

There are no supply shipments to Antarctica in the dead of winter during total darkness. In the final shipment of the season last month, McMurdo Station received 16,500 condoms, which will be available free to the 125 staff members who "winter over". Supply planes will resume in September. You do the math.

Kitten Saved by Vacuum Cleaner

150trappedkitten.jpg /

Chief Judge in Obscenity Case Caught Posting Porn

Judge Alex Kozinski is the chief of the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. He is currently presiding over a case of obscenity involving a filmmaker. Kozinski's website was found to have explicit photos of naked women and farm animals on his personal website.

The images were posted to a subdomain of the judge's web site that could only be accessed by directly typing in the correct URL. The domain, however, was not password-protected. In addition to the pornographic images, the subdomain contained legal writings, music files and the judge's personal photos.

Kozinski said he didn't know that anyone could access that part of his site.

Unicorn Deer Born in Italy

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Mugger Admires His Haul in CCTV Lens

Police got a really good look at a mugger after he took a necklace and bracelet from a teenager in Bromley, England. The thief used the lens of a closed-circuit television camera as a mirror to admire himself wearing the goods. His image has been printed in papers and shown on TV in case someone recognizes him.

"The general consensus is that he is not the brightest spark. He was there for a long time and either didn't care or wasn't aware he was being filmed."

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