5 Terrible Movie Toy Tie-Ins

Ransom Riggs

With Indiana Jones and Narnia II, Revenge of the Chronic already in the can and Batman, Hulk, Hellboy and Mummy sequels coming up, 2008 is set to be not only the summer of the sequel, but the summer of the lame merchandising tie-in, as well. With that in mind, let's look to history for some mistakes that today's merchandisers might want to avoid.

Rocky's Meat

It's difficult to call this an "action figure," though that's how it's marketed; where's the Kung-Fu grip? "The Meat" has to be one of the weirdest movie toy tie-ins ever. It also violates Mom Rule #1: never play with your food!

Neo's Phone

the_matrix_phone.jpg /

The Human Torch ATV

humantorch-atv.jpg /

Homer Simpson Talking Ice Bucket

bucket.jpg /

Raiders of the Lost Ark Wax Nazis

nazis.jpg /

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