10%-off T-Shirt Sale

Mangesh & Jason

It's way too hot for long sleeves right now. The heat and humidity combined with our 10%-off t-shirt sale make now the ideal time to stock up for summer.

A few of our favorites:
"¢ "When life gives you scurvy, make lemonade"
"¢ "Hyberbole is the best thing ever!"
"¢ "There's no right way to eat a rhesus"
"¢ "Christians have the best sects"
"¢ "Pluto: Revolve in Peace"

So drop by the mental_floss store and fill up your cart. To get your 10% off, enter the code "shirt" during checkout.

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We hope you'll be wearing your flossy tees all summer. (If you'd like to do some modeling, send us a pic of you wearing your shirt. We'll hastily put together a gallery. Email flossytees@gmail.com.)