The Story Behind Jamie Livingston's Polaroid-a-Day Project


Many readers will remember my post He Took a Polaroid Every Day, Until the Day He Died from mid-May. It introduced the story of a man's photography project that continued for eighteen years, ending in 1997. The post became very popular, and was picked up around the world and in various media outlets, including Fox News, the Huffington Post, various newspapers around the world, and over 400 blogs.

Today, CBC Radio One's Spark brings us an audio story on Jamie Livingston. Hosted by Nora Young, the piece includes interviews with me, Hugh Crawford (Livingston's friend and driving force behind the online version of the project), and Betsy Reid (Livingston's former girlfriend and Crawford's collaborator). This episode of Spark gives some insight into the people in Livingston's life and details on the project itself, as well as (probably less interesting) more information about how I found the site and pieced together its mysteries.

To listen to the Spark episode, click the player here:

If you haven't seen Livingston's work yet, take a look.

Also be sure to check out the Spark site and subscribe to their podcast (iTunes users: use this iTunes podcast link). I recommend these episodes to get you started: #38: Clay Shirky on cognitive surplus, #35: Your Digital Legacy.