Like many of you, I was stunned and saddened by Tim Russert's death last week. While I could talk endlessly about how much I love Meet the Press, or how much I admire Tim Russert (his commitment to honest answers out of people was always so remarkable to me), what I've truly been struck by in the last few days are all the accounts of what a great friend and decent human being he was. In any case, Story Corps (a wonderful non-profit that I've blogged about before) released a tape that Tim Russert recorded in their mobile booth back when it was touring DC. Just hearing Russert's voice again made me smile. But more than that, I loved who he brought into the booth. Rather than bringing in a big shot friend, or media personality, Russert brought in the retired Doorkeeper of the House of Representatives to preserve his story. (The man befriended everyone! Though I think the fact that the gentleman was from Buffalo helped.) In any case, you can click through to hear the short interview at Story Corps. I know it made my day.