It's been a while since I posted a Word Wrap. We've had so many talented guest wordies on the blog, I thought I wouldn't crowd their space.

But it feels good to bring it back, especially with the below interview I recently did with author and translator, Stefano Bertoussi. Stefano lives in Milan and, as you'll hear in the interview, has made a name for himself translating big American writers into Italian. Among others, Stefano has translated James Ellroy, Madison Smartt Bell, Cathleen Schine, John Connolly, Elliot Perlman, Carl Hiaasen, James Lee Burke, Nicholas Evans, and yours truly.

fuor dacqua.jpgHe's also a fine writer and has published a couple novels of his own: Fuor d'acqua, (Head Above Water) and Il Solista (The Refrain Artist). On top of all that, he also helps run a brilliant Italian Web site with dozens upon dozens of interviews with leading novelists. Check out and search for his recent interview with Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Chabon (even though it's dubbed into Italian, you can listen in English). And if you're interested in my book in Italian, with Stefano's (so I hear) brilliant translation, you can read more about it here.

I caught up with Stefano while he was in Los Angeles recently attending Book Expo America.

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