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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Puppy Survives Compactor

A puppy in Evansville, Indiana was smashed in a cardboard compactor -and escaped with only a bruise! The female lab-pit bull may have been compacted more than once. The crew who found her at the recycling company is looking for a permanent home for her.

Russian Monument to Enemas

A Russian health spa has erected a statue of three cherubs holding an enema bulb. The spa in Inozemtsevo performs a lot of enemas and decided to use a sense of humor when commissioning the artwork. Artist Svetlana Avakova was inspired by Botticeli's painting Venus and Mars when she designed the 1.5 meter statue.
"The irony is that the little infants steal the weapons of Mars. They joke with him, with the god of war, and war is a tragedy."
"Likewise, an enema is an unpleasant procedure as many of us may know. But when cherubs do it, it's all right."

Lemonade Stand Robbed

A group of children in Terra Haute, Indiana were robbed of $17.50 at their lemonade stand. 18-year-old Steven Tryon grabbed the money from Dominique Morefield's hand and ran off. Morefield chased the thief while calling police on her cell phone. Tryon hid in a house for 45 minutes while police tried to coax him out. He was arrested and jailed on a felony robbery charge. The $17.50 was returned to the children.

Duck Walks Miles to Save Ducklings

150ducklings.jpg /

Sometimes It Rains Cement

The Russian Air Force often uses silver iodide and cement powder to seed clouds before a public holiday, ensuring nice weather for celebration. Last week, one of the 55-pound bags of cement "failed to pulverize" and crashed through a Moscow home, leaving a three foot hole. No one was injured, but the homeowner refused a settlement from the Air Force, preferring to sue for damages.

Pi Crop Circle

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It can also be argued that every circle represents pi.

Village Re-elects Dead Mayor

Citizens in the village of Voinesti in Romania have voted to re-elect Neculai Ivascu as mayor, despite the fact that he died of liver failure last Sunday. Ivascu received 23 more votes than his rival, Gheorghe Dobrescu. However, the election commission decided to give the election to Dobrescu as runner-up. Ivascu's political party has indicated it will contest the decision.