The Weekend Links

Allison Keene

"¢ The following fantastically cool art links are from Angie—first, pictures made by burying film in the ground and letting bacteria do its thing. Secondly, Astro Boy made out of train tickets, and finally, long exposure shots of crowds going in and out of buildings (above), creating a "city of shadows."

"¢ I've been considering changing my hair, but I think this may be a little drastic. Besides, I'm a cat person. (Thanks, Kevin.)

lego-fun-snacks.jpg /

"¢ Calling all car fanatics—the Internet Movie Car Database is for you. As the site states, "You will find here the most complete list on the web about cars, bikes, trucks and other vehicles seen in movies, image captures and information about them."

"¢ If you are suffering from bouts of writer's block, visit Language is a Virus, which provides links to mental exercises and generators to help spur you along. Or you could transport yourself to your formative years of grammar with this fond remembrance of diagramming sentences (opens PDF), and the power it still has over students today.

"¢ Someone has rigged up a latte-art printing machine using an x-y plotter, an inkjet printer cartridge, and edible ink. See some of the designs here. One day this will be available for an additional $.75 at Starbucks, no doubt. (Thanks, Courtney!)

"¢ Don't forget to add to your Google Notebook to share links and interesting sites! And if you happen to be g-chatting, take a look at these chat icons, most of which you probably know, but some of which might be new (be sure to read the comment section on the site for more.)"¢ A short but hilarious (and informative) account of the history of measurement, presented by a paper puppet theater. One box has never contained so much!

The Reverse Graffiti Project
by BriKO

"¢ From Michael at The Daily Tube ("the best new videos on the internet"), the Reverse Graffiti Project.

"¢ A fantastic discovery—Wiki Sky with plenty of beautiful pictures and explanations of space phenomena.

"¢ This is one of those "watch at your own risk" videos. Possibly may cause loss of appetite. To what am I referring? Alyssa sent in a link to Isabella Rossellini's highly stylized and much-discussed educational bug videos. Do you think she was normal before David Lynch got to her?

"¢ A crazy, interesting animation ... not sure what it means, but it's an interesting ride.

"¢ Definitely worth checking out: MoFa—The Museum of Food Anomalies. You might be the next to find a ghoul in your breakfast cereal, an alien in your soy sauce, or a smiling face in your ice cream.

Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions this week. Keep it up! May the links be with you.