Garkov: Math Invades Garfield Parody

Chris Higgins

There's a special place in my heart for weird Garfield parodies, but today's subject really raises the bar for weirdness. The Garkov comic strip activates my Nerdy Spidey Sense, as it uses a Markov chain process to create the absurdist dialog. For those of us who don't know/care what a Markov chain really is, let's just say it's a mathematical process that takes an existing body of text (say, all the dialog from Garfield comic strips) and uses it to create new text that almost makes sense.

Created by evil genius Josh Millard, Garkov takes existing Garfield comic strips, removes the dialog, and uses the Markov chain system to insert new dialog. The result is utterly bizarre. Here are a few randomly generated examples:

Garkov - Can Openers
Garkov - Can Openers /
Garkov - Hurt
Garkov - Hurt /

See also: the Garkov hall of fame and previous _floss coverage of Garfield parodies. Also of interest for nerds or Garfield completists is a site containing all the Garfield dialog. Yes, all of it.