10 Nicknames Coined By President Bush

Allison Keene
Getty Images
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We're betting that the George W. Bush Presidential library includes a nicknames wing.

1. Pootie-Poot. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia. The Cold War is over, so warm, fuzzy nicknames must be in!
2. Congressman Kickass. John Sweeney, Republican Congressman, NY. Also possible title for Vin Diesel's next film.
3. Hurricane Karen. Karen Hughes, Special Advisor.
4. Corndog. John Cornyn, Republican Senator, TX.
5. The Cobra. Maureen Dowd, New York Times. She got off easy. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post's nickname was said to be unprintable.
6. Condoleezza "Unsticker" Rice. Enough said.
7. The Brettmeister. Brett M. Kavanaugh, federal judge on the US Court of Appeals. Because no nickname list is complete without a "-meister"
8. Turd Blossom. Former Senior Advisor Karl Rove. Turd Blossom. Just had to repeat that one.
9. Quasimodo. Vice President Dick Cheney. Cheney also calls Bush "The Apprentice."
10. The Decider. George W. Bush. The name Dubya gave to, of course, himself.